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As we get older, the effects of gravity and loss of volume in the face gives the appearance of aging, often, much beyond our actual age. The aging process is further influenced by sun exposure, diet, daily stress and genetics.

While we all want to look younger and maintain a youthful appearance, most of us would rather not have surgery if we can avoid it. For those with this goal, the Clear Medical Liquid Facelift offers an alternative to surgery.

introducing the liquid facelift

If you have considered a traditional facelift, but would rather not have to endure the long recovery time, scars from stitches, or the risks associated with general anesthesia, Dr. Abrishamy’s Liquid Facelift is the perfect choice to fulfill your aesthetic needs.

The Liquid Facelift is an in-office procedure that not only targets wrinkles, lines, and deep grooves but also addresses further signs of aging such as sunken cheeks, deep lines around the mouth, marionette lines (the downward lines at the corners of the mouth), sagging jowls, and loss of facial volume.

Best of all, it is non-surgical. There is no general anesthesia, no stitches to leave scars, and recovery time is usually just a few days.

The result of a Liquid Facelift gives you a more youthful, refreshed appearance in a very short time. Results are almost immediate and can last over a year depending on the products used.

Patients also report the procedure can help to improve facial features like undefined cheekbones, thinning lips, the shape of the nose, an irregular jaw contour and small chin.

When you choose to have a Liquid Facelift, Dr. Abrishamy will first see you for a free consultation and work with you to customize the process based on your optimal outcome.

What is a liquid facelift?

As you age, the connective tissues in your skin such as collagen and elastin break down. You may also lose fat in your face, which can lead to your face looking too thin. The Liquid Facelift can alleviate what many of our patients say is a "gaunt" look that makes them appear older than they feel.

Dr. Abrishamy achieves optimal results with a Liquid Facelift by using fillers to plump up the space in the layers of the skin. The filler reduces the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin giving patients a smoother and more line-free appearance. Typically, patients ask for injections in the following areas:

Under-Eye Hollows
Jawline and Jowls
Acne Scars and Other Scars
Temple Hollows
Lips and Lip Lines
Folds between the nose and mouth
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what does a liquid facelift involve?

Dr. Abrishamy is considered a pioneer in the Liquid Facelift technique and is renowned for his high-quality results. The procedure involves injecting dermal fillers into the skin to ‘plump up’ its appearance. Liquid Facelifts differ from surgical facelifts as there is no cutting into the skin. The goal of a Liquid Facelift is to reduce sagging and wrinkles. The process can also:

Plump up lips
Tighten wrinkles around your lips, eyes, and forehead
Reduce the hollow areas under your eyes
Fill your cheeks if they look gaunt
Reduce the appearance of scars

You are an ideal candidate for a Liquid Facelift if your skin has a relatively small amount of wrinkles and a small amount of sagging. However, if you have a lot of sagging skin, or if you want dramatic results, there are additional options and combinations of procedures for you to choose from. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation with Dr. Abrishamy to explore the endless possibilities tailored to your goals and desired outcomes. 

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the top-rated liquid facelift surgeon in los angeles

Dr. Abrishamy is considered the top-rated Liquid Facelift surgeon in Los Angeles as a result of his experience and the 1000’s of patients he has treated.

When you come in to see him in the comfort of the Clear Medical practice in Marina del Rey, he will discuss your desired results. He will examine your skin and face before beginning the procedure. You may have a local anesthetic to numb the area that will be injected.

The injections usually take a few minutes each, and all of the injections can be done in one single session. The entire session usually lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

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What to Expect after Your Liquid Facelift

The majority of patients are able to go back to work the next day. However, you might want to take a little time off if you feel you have some minimal bruising or swelling. On occasion, Dr. Abrishamy advises patients to ice their face immediately after the procedure to reduce swelling. He also suggests avoiding strenuous exercise for the next day, and avoid sun exposure and tanning beds on the day of the procedure.

The results of your procedure should be immediate. Depending on the kind of filler used, you should see your Liquid Facelift last anywhere between 6 and 24 months.

Liquid Facelift FAQs

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