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Chemical Peels Marina del Rey

Glycolic Peel

This gentle no down time peel helps reduce scarring, brown spots, dull texture, and superficial lines caused by sun damage. It restores the healthy glow that skin can lose over time.

ClearMd Medical Peel
This Signature peel is an intensive Retin-A peel achieves dramatic improvements in superficial lines and congested pores, restoring your skin’s natural radiance. This unique treatment is excellent for clearing acne breakouts and helps to lighten age spots, leaving your skin smooth and soft to the touch. Most patients experience approximately 2-5 days of a white flaking of the skin. The chest area can be added for an additional cost per treatment.

TCA Peel This is an aggressive peel administered by our physicians only.  This peel is great for deeper wrinkles and brown spots, enlarged pores and rough skin texture.  The results are dramatic!  Peeling lasts about 3-5 days.

Melanage – Melasma Peel Melasma is also called a “pregnancy mask”.  It is characterized by blotchy dark brown stains on the face.  It is common to see a dark brown spots on the upper lip and brown spots on the forehead and cheeks as well.  This peel is by far the best treatment we’ve seen in years to treat this hard to treat condition.  The peel is applied in our office and is left on the face for 6-10 hours, followed by a 7 day in home regimen.  The results are often dramatic.