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Liquid Face Lift Marina del Rey

Real Patient Result

Procedures done: Radiesse, Botox, and Total FX CO2 Laser Resurfacing

This is a 65 year old female with sun damage, wrinkles, eye lid drooping, and uneven skin tone. Results shown are Prior to Total FX CO2 Resurfacing, Radiesse, and Dysport.

Disclaimer: Please note that medicine is an inexact science. Many factors determine individual outcomes. Individual results will vary. Photos are NOT RETOUCHED.

Before Liquid Face Lift
After Liquid Face Lift

As we get older, the effects of gravity and loss of volume in the face, gives the appearance of aging often much beyond our actual age. This is often influenced by sun exposure, diet, daily stress and genetics.

While we all want to look younger and maintain a youthful appearance, most of us would rather not have surgery if we can avoid it. For those with this goal, Clear’s Liquid Facelift offers an alternative to surgery.

If you’ve considered a traditional facelift, but not looking forward to the long recovery time, scars from stitches, or the risks associated with general anesthesia that are a part of a traditional facelift, you should also consider that traditional facelifts do not address collagen and tissue volume loss that accompany normal aging.

In contrast to a traditional surgical facelift, Clear’s Liquid Facelift involves NO cutting, it is an in-office, minimally invasive procedure that not only addresses wrinkles, lines, deep grooves, but can also augment facial features like sunken cheeks, deep lines around the mouth, jowls, and targeted volume loss of the face. Best of all it is NON-surgical. There is no general anesthesia, no stitches to leave scars, and recovery time is usually just a few days.

The result of a Liquid Facelift gives you a more youthful, refreshed appearance in a very short time. Results are immediate and can last over a year depending on the product used.

Also, if you are looking to enhance facial features, like your cheekbones, thin lips, nasal defects, an irregular jaw contour, small chin, or even marionette lines (downward projections at corners of the mouth), our experienced physicians may be able to help correct or enhance these areas without surgery.

Clear Liquid Facelifts are customized based on desired outcome, and performed by experienced physicians licensed by The Medical Board of California. Physician consultations are required and are complimentary at Clear Medical.

Liquid Facelift prices can range from $275 to over $4000 with an average price of $2500 (in contrast to a traditional surgical facelift costing about $15,000). This variability is based on amount and type of product used, and the time it takes for the doctor to perform the procedure.

FAQ about the Liquid Facelift

Q: What are the common risks?
A: The most common risks are similar to any injection: bleeding, bruising, and infection.

Q: How long does the procedure take?
A: 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Q: How long does it last?
A: The results are long lasting and not permanent, often a year or more. For most patients this is a benefit since they can make changes as their lifestyle changes.

Q: Can anyone have the procedure?
A: Not everyone is a candidate for these procedures so a consultation is required to discuss your individual options. Physician consultations are complimentary at Clear Medical.

Quick Comparison

Non-surgical and surgical facelift comparison - Having trouble seeing this? Please contact our office for details

With Clear’s Liquid Facelift you will never look “pulled” or “done.”
You will look like you… only better!