Radiate Health with Collagen Stimulation

The need to have healthy skin is not only limited to important life events, it can be as random as being in bed and wondering why your skin doesn’t look as fresh as it did in the past. No matter what the time and circumstances, if you think your skin needs some tightening and get up and glow, collagen stimulation can help you achieve a radiant and youthful complexion.

What Is Collagen Stimulation?

Collagen stimulation, or collagen stimulation therapy, as the name suggests, is a way to enhance collagen and elastin growth in your skin. The procedure involves inducing an injury into your skin’s epidermal and dermal junction, which consequently induces the growth of new collagen.

Collagen stimulation works to improve a variety of skin problems including sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scarring. As opposed to other ablative treatments that cause significant damage to the epidermis, collagen stimulation is considered completely safe.

Collagen stimulation was first introduced in 1997 as an alternative to several other ‘skin-damaging’ treatments designed to promote growth. Up until this time, professionals relied on aggressive peels and lasers to alleviate skin problems.

The treatment has gained more momentum in recent years as people’s desire to have a natural and youthful appearance has seen a growing trend.

At Clear Medical, we explain to patients that compared to other interventions and anti-aging treatments, collagen stimulation can take more time to see results and is a more in-depth procedure. Collagen stimulation is designed for patients who want to make a more long-term time investment to achieve their aesthetic goals, so they can be rewarded with long-term results.

Practically, collagen stimulation treatment can be performed anywhere on your body and face. Dr. Abrishamy will guide you about the course of the treatment and the kind of collagen stimulation benefits you can enjoy.

The Premier Destination for Collagen Stimulation in Marina del Rey

At Clear Medical we tailor our collagen stimulation treatments to suit your specific needs. We understand the time investment in pursuing these procedures and support you on every step of your journey to a younger-looking version of you.

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