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Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal Experts
Want to get your tattoo removed? You came to the right place. Clear Medical has been using Lasers for over a decade. Clear Medical Doctors (not Nurses or medical professionals) treat your tattoo, by using Doctors, we can provide the safest and fastest results possible.

Tattoo Removal Before
Tattoo Removal After
Four treatment 8 weeks apart

You can expect the great results from your tattoo removal experience. While, darker tattoos respond best to laser tattoo removal, we can treat all colors of tattoos.

How does tattoo removal work?
Laser energy breaks down the tattoo into tiny fragments, then your body takes it away. We repeat this process about every 6 weeks.

How many treatments will I need? It will take a few sessions before you see significant changes. The number of sessions depends a lot on the color of the tattoo, the size, and how long it has been on your body.

Tattoo Removal Pre-Treatment
Tattoo Removal 3 Month Treatment
3 months (3rd RX)
Tattoo Removal 6 Month Treatment
6 months (6th RX)

What laser do we use?
We use the Q-switch laser, which is the most common laser used for tattoos and gets great results.