Patient #1001 - Sculptra, Thermage & Botox Photos


Time Frame: 6 months
Age: 49
Gender: Female
Main complaint: Tired eyes, signs of age, sagging skin, poor texture, loss of elasticity, loss of volume.

Treatments: Sculptra in temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette, chin area, jaw line. Thermage on full face and eyes. Botox on forehead, glabella, and eyes.

Improvements: Adding volume gives an instant face lift creating a more youthful look and dramatic change in overall appearance. Filling the temples lifts and opens the eye area, softening “tired eyes” and creating a more refreshed and rested look. Filling the cheeks gives back the beautiful cheekbones and reduces the nasolabial folds. Adding volume around the mouth plumps and rejuvenates the look of the lips and gives a much younger appearance. TNS Essential Serum makes the skin’s overall color and fine texture more refined and vibrant. Thermage helps to give skin a tighter, smoother appearance.