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Botox Marina del Rey

Looking younger has never been as sought after or as accessible. With shows like Extreme Makeover and Dr. 90210 gaining popularity and making plastic surgery more and more acceptable, people are also realizing that plastic surgery is well… SURGERY! While the results are often dramatic, there are real risks such as scaring, long recovery time, as well as the risk of death with general anesthesia.

For those who prefer not to have surgery, medical products like Botox® and Fillers are often used. Botox® is in very simple terms, a muscle relaxant. It can be used for wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, like frown lines between the eyebrows, around the eyes (crows feet), and forehead. It can minimize or eliminate wrinkles for about 3-6 months.

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Fillers (such as Collagen, Restylane®, Radiesse®, Juvederm®, Perlane to name a few) are used for deeper static wrinkles (those you see when you are relaxed) as well as for sculpting and enhancing facial anatomy (like cheekbones, jawline, lips). One of the original fillers was Collagen, derived from cows. Collagen requires allergy testing and lasts about 3 months. While it is a very safe product, it fell out of favor due to it its allergy risk and short duration as a temporary filler.

One of the most popular fillers now is Restylane®. Restylane® is made of hyaluronic acid (a substance found in the human body) Restylane® , for this reason, does not require allergy testing and lasts longer than Collagen, about 4-6 months.

Radiesse® is one of the newest and most exciting dermal fillers approved by the FDA. It is a calcium based product. It too does not require allergy testing and can last over a year.

All of these products can be administered by Physicians, physician assistants, and nurses. It is up to you to determine who you prefer. Many Med-Spas offer these medical products administered by nurses at bargain prices, which may be something to consider when choosing a medical center.

At Clear Medical, all procedures are performed by Dr. Shawn or Dr. Mayeli

As you can see, there are a lot of exciting, non-surgical, medical procedures available to help you stay, feel, and look younger. While plastic surgery is one option, non-surgical approaches with little to no downtime are available, so friends and family don’t notices drastic changes. Rather subtle, natural and progressive improvements. So it is still YOU only better!